About Us

"TARSUN GROUP" is an innovation centric organization providing competitive Trade pricing to the end users.

We have established our business from the lively Cities of Lahore & Karachi, having a plan to extend our existence all over the country with flourishing colours and cherishing ambiance. The company follows a rather ambitious vision which is as follows; "We intend to become the market leader to The 'Trade; through creating and managing a reliable and trustworthy positioning for our company".

We have already aligned ourselves through establishing the following mission statement:

"Everyone of us at TARSUN GROUP shares a common aspiration of being unique and distinct from our competitors' with the intension of providing ethical, superior marketing techniques and innovative areas of import & export: by doing so we aspire to not just satisfy our customers but instead we focus on becoming our Clients' delight".

There are numerous salient features that make us different from any other like business and chief among them is our Holistic Marketing Approach, characterized by ensuring a 360° integration of marketing and customer services. We have trained everyone at TARSUN GROUP that it is imperative in, TRADE MATTERS, to be vigilant while dealing with Clients (Buyer / Seller) in an attempt to extend considerable attention to each and every thought and opinions of our Clients followed by ensuring a Completely Transparent and Participative Work Environment providing every employee direct access to our executive team.